West Cornwall Home Office is a management and letting agency specialising in residential letting in the far west of Cornwall, covering an area from Hayle to Lands End. We’ve been running under the same locally-based management since 1985 and have an excellent record of not only letting property but overseeing its ongoing management with care and diligence. We run a fully professional service but on a human scale – you can always pop in and talk to someone, or ring without being put on hold or asked your date of birth!


We ensure that: – prospective tenants are thoroughly checked – the rent comes in on time – the property is well looked-after – any necessary repairs are carried out properly – all statutory certifications are carried out – deposit regulations are observed – changes of tenant are carried out smoothly and above all, you can leave the property in our hands with complete confidence. Landlords’ responsibilities are straightforward: you are responsible for the Building Insurance (your insurers must be made aware you are letting your property) and for keeping it in ‘tenantable condition‘ i e that the property is in good repair and that all its systems and built-in equipment work satisfactorily. Your tenants are responsible not only for the rent but for everything they ‘consume’ – electricity, gas, oil, water, Council Tax, TV license, telephone etc. The tenant is the sole customer of all these bodies and unpaid accounts cannot revert to the landlord. We manage everything, from the first visit to your property to assess the property and the market rent, to handing it back in good order when you want require it. All we really need is a key and an account in which to deposit your rent. It couldn’t be easier. We also offer a tenant-finding service if you prefer to handle the ongoing management yourself. For full details of our Terms and Conditions – and an application form – click here.


Tenants enjoy letting through the West Cornwall Home Office, knowing that they will be treated as individual people not as impersonal ‘units‘. When tenants apply for one of our properties, we prefer to meet initially in our office for an informal chat, which enables us to get to know you and ensure that both the property and the finances fit the situation. If this all works for both of us, we then show the property. If it is what you want, our selection criteria are simple – we want tenants who: – can afford to pay the rent as required, without hardship or stress – will care for the property and keep it in good order – will carry out the terms of the Tenancy Agreement To ensure this, we will require good references, from previous landlords or agents, employers, or other responsible persons who have known you for some time. These referees will be contacted and checked. Finally a Tenancy Agreement must be signed by everyone over 18 proposing to live at the address. Financially we require: – one month’s rent in advance (sometimes more in special circumstances) – the equivalent of one month’s rent as a deposit (some circumstances may require more eg if there are to be pets in the property) Once you have moved into the property we respond quickly to any problems which may arise but otherwise respect your privacy, except for pre-arranged, usually quarterly, inspections. We want you to be comfortable and happy in your home. Your Tenancy will usually be a six-month Assured Shorthold which then converts automatically into what is called a “Periodic Tenancy”, an open-ended arrangement during which you can give a month’s notice, the Landlord can give you two months notice. (Notice must be given on the day rent is paid).

Tenancy Deposit Scheme

Your deposit will be protected by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme – The Dispute Service Ltd www.tenancydepositscheme.com Claims may be made against your deposit at the end of the Tenancy for such matters as unpaid rent, outstanding bills, damage, missing items etc, but the Tenancy Deposit Scheme ensures that any claim on the deposit with which you don’t agree must be decided by the Dispute Service who will arbitrate independently on the matter.